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About Us

Led by Dr Simon Hodgson PhD, MRSC, CChem, we are professional and highly experienced in Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery, having designed novel, patentable small molecule 'hits' and optimised these to Candidate drugs across a range of biological targets and disease areas, that subsequently have progressed through chemistry scale-up, pharmaceutical development, safety assessment studies and into clinical development.


Consultancy to Biotechs, Large Pharmaceutical Companies, Academics.

Provide expert input to analyse, advise and advance your medicinal chemistry, drug design, molecule quality.

Design properties for optimal potency, solubility, pharmacokinetics, safety.

Oral, Inhaled, Intranasal drug development.

Overall project strategy.

Help you identify ..' what makes an attractive drug..' for development by Big Pharma.

Independent 3rd party molecule assessment for due diligence during licensing deals.

Identify partners to progress your projects.


All our discussions will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism and our services will be provided in a timely manner suited to your business needs.

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Based in London, UK