Over past 5 years, provided leadership and advice to a range of Biotechs and Drug Discovery Organisations, resulting in the creation of several portfolios of new molecules reaching clinical development.

Previously >20 years experience in identifying and progressing small molecules as Candidate drugs to clinical development.

Having held positions of a Director in Medicinal Chemistry and Project Leader at GSK, including progression of molecules from 'hits', through optimisation and into clinical trials.

Experience in optimising molecules in all the major biological target classes 

Extensive Therapeutic area experience - Respiratory, Cancer, Viral, Inflammation, Diseases of the developing world, Cardiovascular, Ophthalmology.

Drug property design and strategies suited  for Oral, Inhaled and Intranasal delivery.

Small molecule hit finding and optimisation employing a range of techniques, including HTS, pharmacophore based, Fragment Based Drug Discovery, Xray structure based design.

Review opportunties for In-licensing, and conducting due diligence.

Advice on patenting strategy, arguments supporting patent prosecution.